Services A Family Law Lawyer Offers

Family law lawyer Gig Harbor, WA If you are going through a family law scenario, it is best that you talk with a lawyer about what you are going through and they will be able to provide helpful legal counsel. When you are going through legal matters that are impacting your family in major ways, finding the right solution as quickly as possible is necessary. There are several services that a family law lawyer can help you with. 

Civilian Divorce

Figuring out the best way to settle a divorce can be a long and complicated process, however with a lawyer at your side, you are much more likely to finalize your divorce in a less stressful manner. Divorces involve many steps, and there is a lot that must be considered, such as how property will be distributed, who will have custody of children, and other factors. A family lawyer can review your legal documents and guide you through every step of the way so that you have support at all times.  

Child Custody

A child custody situation is not often straightforward, especially when both parents have very different ideas for custody arrangements. Both parents may want sole custody, or one parent may want to minimize visitation. However, whatever situation you are going through regarding child custody, a family lawyer can help look for the solutions that will best fit your situation. 

Military Divorce 

Your pension may be significantly impacted in a military divorce. In addition to your financial stability, your place of residence can also be affected. Many military families move to a different state or country overseas when their s[ouse enters the military. This can make it much more complicated to efficiently resolve compared to a civilian divorce. It is important to meet with a lawyer who specializes in military divorces if you or your spouse are part of the military but are considering divorce. 

Parenting Agreements

If you are going through disagreements with the mother or father of your child, you may want to speak with a lawyer if things are getting out of hand. They will make sure that your agreement is carefully constructed and that it contains fair terms for everyone involved, especially your child or children. Parenting agreements can be hard to build on your own, but a family lawyer has experience helping clients to create one that works for them. 


If you are going through communication issues or disputes that are on the verge of becoming legal problems, it may be a good time to speak with a family law lawyer like one from Robinson & Hadeed so that they can de-escalate the situation. A family lawyer is highly experienced at resolving disputes, informing both parties of compromises that they can consider. If you are going through a dispute, contact a lawyer to discover possible solutions that can end your dispute. 

Affordable legal services are available if you are going through family law matters that you are having trouble finding a solution to. For more information about legal services offered by a family law lawyer, schedule a consultation.