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Drunk Driving Accident Claims

While no one ever intends to get a traffic ticket, there may be an occasion when you find yourself stopped by an officer and issued a citation. Certainly, no one wants to be ticketed for driving while drunk or, even worse, being involved in an accident while you are driving after drinking. Despite your best intentions and your personal judgment about your condition and abilities, the possibility exists that you might one day be stopped and charged for driving while intoxicated or you might be involved in a drunk driving accident. Because these possibilities exist, it is a good idea to consider the ramifications of being in such a situation.

How Progressive Handles Drunk Driving Accident Claims

One of the better-known vehicle insurance companies is Progressive. As its name implies, Progressive is indeed among the more advanced companies when it comes to DUI tickets and crashes involving intoxicants. Though the cost of auto insurance will increase for you, Progressive will insure you if you receive a DUI ticket as one of their policyholders. The company will even consider insuring you if you want to buy a policy and you have a DUI on your driving record. As a policyholder, if you are involved in a drunk driving accident, Progressive will honor your policy to the extent of your coverage.

How a Drunk Driving Accident May Impact You as a Driver

Although the consequences of a DUI conviction vary widely by state, this type of infraction is among the most serious a driver can experience. Depending upon the circumstances and the severity of any related incident, a drunken driving conviction involving an accident may result in one or more of these penalties:

  • Restriction or temporary termination of driving privileges
  • Institution of fines running to thousands of dollars
  • Incarceration
  • Restitution for damages caused, as well as punitive awards

How Important Is Legal Advice After a DUI Ticket or Drunk Driving Accident?

As a general rule, the more significant the charge a person faces, the more important it is for that person to obtain legal counsel. Concerning drunk driving charges, particularly if an accident is involved, the first thing an experienced DUI lawyer, like one from the Law Office of Daniel Wright, can do is apprise you of the severity of the charges, the possible penalties you may face, and the possible defenses you may have against those charges. It is always a wise course of action to consult an attorney when you have been ticketed for any type of impairment.